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Dr. Yogi Amritraj Healer & Meditator
Dr. Rakesh Agarwal Ayurveda Practitioner
Dr. Neelam Agarwal Ayurveda Practitioner
Badrinath Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 249192


Maa Yoga Ashram Rishikesh, India is registered & certified Yoga School by Yoga Alliance, It offers an ideal Ayurveda Retreat, Ayurvedic Treatment, Panchkarma, Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Retreats for Self Transformation, Self Realisation and Inner Growth based on Spiritual Vedic and Scientific Knowledge for a healthy mind, body and soul. Maa Yoga Ashram is a subsidiary of Arogyadham with its headquarters in Muzaffarnagar, UP, India.



Programs / Courses:

  • 3 Days / 5 Days / 7 Days/ 14 days Yoga Retreat
  • Residential 200 hours / 300 hours / 500 hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses
  • 3 Days / 5 Days / 7 Days/ Ayurveda Retreat
  • 2 Weeks beginner / 2 Weeks / 4 weeks Full Ayurveda Courses.




All the empanelled teachers are experts in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

Dr. Yogi Amritraj – Healer & Meditator

Fourth generation qualified Ayurvedic Doctor and a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, USA. Dr. Amrit Raj is an honorary visiting professor at the Dinacharya Ayurvedic Institute in New York. Besides India, Dr. Raj has given lectures and classes in the United Nations and has offered stress management yogic techniques to oncologist in the USA. He has been attached with President’s House in New Delhi and has been propagating and conducts workshops for eminent National and International leaders and organizations. At his ashram in India Dr. Raj provides consultation services to help cure chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal - Ayurveda Practitioner

Dedicated and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor engaged in the design and development of Ayurvedic formulations based on Herbs, Rasayanas and Bazikarans of Ayurveda in the treatment of chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes mellitus, migraines, joint pains, psoriasis, allergic bronchial astiophma etc. AIDS and sexual disorders.

Dr. Neelam Agarwal - Ayurveda Practitioner

A dedicated and innovative Ayurvedic Doctor, Yogacharya and Trustee of Arogyadham Global AIDS Research Foundation & Maa Research Foundation. Dr Neelam possesses the proverbial healing power and has cured quite a number of complex cases, which had virtually defied allopathic treatment from certain acknowledged authorities. She is editor of India’s most popular family health magazine “Arogyadham”,


Located in Tapovan and close to Ganga, one place for Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Yoga. Yogi Amrit is quite decorated and one can see his pictures with global personalities and certificates all around his Ashram. They also have their own herbal & organic farm and most of the medicines are prepared inhouse.

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