In 1946, Mahatma Gandhiji along with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel visited a Nature Cure Centre in 1946 and was impressed with the simple means of treatment of various complicated ailments. This made him keen to open a center in a rural area where the common man and importantly the villagers who do not have access to the medical facilities in general. With the help of Dr. Mehta, Balkoba Bhave, Dr Sushila Nair and Dr. Manilbhai Desai finalized to set up an Ashram in Uruli Kanchan to treat the local villagers. Later Gandhiji himself stayed at this Ashram during Mar 22 – 30, 1946 before he embarked his journey to Delhi and before his departure, founded Nisargopchar Gram Sudhar Trust with the kind donations of locals and farmers who were more than willing to let go their land for a noble cause. The team under the dynamic leadership of Manibhaiji preached sound health and hygienic practices and also studied various problems in rural areas and identified suitable solutions to uplift the rural poor. Over last fifty years the Ashram has made remarkable progress. The institute has set up the unique example in the field of Naturopathy i.e. “The way of Life”. People from every corner of India and abroad come here and experience the miracles of the unique drugless holistic approach for management of chronic functional diseases. Patients suffering from Arthritis, Cardio Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Bronchitis, skin diseases, Asthma. Digestive and Gynaecological problems, Neuro muscular disorders & obesity are very well managed by simple ways of nature cure.

A typical day in the Ashram begins with prayer & yoga and ends with prayer. Thus along with other physical treatments, psychological and spiritual aspect is taken care of to make the treatment complete.

Every day lectures on nature cure principles, dietetics,yoga and various chronic diseases are arranged to educate the patients and make them aware about the importance of laws of nature. Round the year Ashram has indoor capacity of 200 patients per day.



There is an impressive mess that provides freshly cooked meals, juices and supplements as per the doctor’s prescription. They also offer regular meals for the attendants and visitors. The food is organic with low spices and oil to suite the health requirements of everyone. The mess has a seating capacity of about 70 people and is open from 0730 hrs till 2000 hrs.



  • AC & Non AC Rooms
  • Library with well stocked books on nature cure and therapies
  • Center for Hydro therapy that offers Hip bath, Spinal spray & bath, Immersion bath, Hot & cold Formentation, Steam Bath, Local Steam and Enema.
  • Center for Mud therapy including Mud bath and local mud pack.Center for Mud therapy including Mud bath and local mud pack.
  • Daily Yoga classes in the morning and evening.
  • Center for Physiotherapy
  • Sun Bath
  • Centre for Massage – full body and localized
  • Center for Accupuncture
  • Meditation in open and closed rooms
  • Jogging tracks and open lawns for walks


Accommodation ranging from Rs. 120 to Rs. 2000 per person per day are available in both AC and Non AC categories and all the rooms have attached bathrooms with western toilets. However, due to a huge demand, the bookings need to be done atleast 3 months in advance to seek a secured confirmation. There is a nominal admission fees of Rs. 1000 per person and the stay can be of maximum 60 days depending on the doctor’s advice. The consultation fees and therapy charges range between Rs. 100 to Rs. 250 per session. The Attendants can also stay along with the patients and the room charges would be same as that of the patient.


A self-sufficient institution with expert doctors in panel to diagnose disease and treat patients by using natural modalities such as physical manipulation like massage and neurotherapy, clinical nutrition, counseling, acupuncture, physiotherapy, mud therapy and hydrotherapy.

Lifestyle modification thru Yoga, counseling and diet therapy.

Natural food such as Fruits, Vegetable in the form of Juices – Salad – Sprouts – boiled vegetables are used as a medicine which helps in correcting imbalance in metabolism blood sugar, blood urea, uric acid, cholesterol, lipids etc; which is achieved without drugs.

Well laid Ashram with ample open spaces and gardens to given that natural feel.

Natural and Organic food in the mess.


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