Ashram Stays

Fulfill Your Dreams

By definition, Ashram is a spiritual retreat especially for those who have renounced the worldly pleasures and embrace celibacy in order to attain spiritual goals and objectives. Generally speaking, most of the Ashrams are very basic in nature with minimum distractions yet very high on spiritual quotient, quintessential for those who would like to redeem themselves spiritually.

Ashrams have been in existence in India since thousands of years but it was the likes of Beatles, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and surely the book / movie "Eat, Pray & Love" which have glorified the concept globally.

Ashram living requires certain etiquettes. Generally speaking, one needs to strictly adhere to ashram time table, simple living devoid of any materialistic pleasures, vegetarian diet, active participation in the Karma Yoga along with spiritual activities like kirtans, satsang, yoga & meditation etc. Smoking & consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited and so are incoherent sexual activities of any kind.