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It is a proven fact that many of our old fashioned lifestyles patterns are backed by a strong scientific acumen, coherently set by our gurus and scholars since ancient times. It’s become more obvious in the current times to adopt the western aspects which are considered to be more savvy, convenient and largely appropriate. However, not giving a cold shoulder to the gross cultural shift, the old Indian ways and means do have substantial benefits that cannot be sidelined. This applies to many including as insignificant as eating with own hands.   Most of us eat our food using cutlery like spoon, fork and knife etc as it is considered more modern, hygienic and convenient. However most people dont realize that there is a strong VEDIC rationale behind eating food by hand. The actions involved in eating have been derived from mudras (hand positions) that are the basis for yoga, meditation and classical Indian dance. Also it is believed that the digits on our fingers represent the five elements of nature which help in cleansing of our food by removing negative vibes and preparing it for us to eat. Also making one more conscious of the tastes, textures and smells of the foods whereby elevating that overall eating experience a fulfilling one.  


By eating with our hands, rather finger tips, we improve our consciousness of the taste of the food and we not only feed our body, but also our mind and soul as well. There are many benefits associated with eating with hands :


a)      Totally Natural

Its totally  natural and very fulfilling at the same time. Many at times a proper cleansed hands are far better than the cutlery which are washed vaguely.


b)      Enhances Digestion

It improves digestion as by the touch and sensing the food, the neurons release appropriate juices in the stomach which help in proper digestion. By using cutlery we downsize the sensory organs which slows down the digestion as well.


c)       Promotes Mindful eating

Eating with hands requires “aware state of mind” that allows optimum digestion and also you tend to eat slow and small portions when you eat with hands which helps in overall digestion

d)      Engages all senses

Eating with your hands adds a tactile dimension to your meal and engages all of your senses which otherwise starts in the mouth when eaten using cutlery


e)      Provides our gut with good bacteria

Our hands are populated with healthy bacteria when we wash our hands before eating.  Hence, eating with your hands boost our gut’s natural immunity to environmental bacterial germs.


f)       Prevents in burning the palate and tongue

Our hands are the effective temperature sensors and hence one can avoid burning of palate or tongue when the food it hot which is otherwise not very effective with cutlery


g)      Enhances focus on food

Eating with hands requires substantial focus and voluntary efforts that help in avoiding diversions like reading a book, talking on phone, working on a laptop while eating etc.  which overall helps in enjoying the food that we eat


h)      Directly influences the chakras

The nerve points at our fingertips influence heart, third eye, solar plexus, throat, sexual and other root chakras. And when we eat with hands, the motion and touch activates the charka and benefits us in every possible way.




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