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Jai Jagannath !Jagannath literally means "The Lord of the People" and rightly so because of the immense love and affection he draws from millions of Hindu devotees all across the globe. The grand Jagannath temple is a classic example of the Orissanarchitecture and is located in the seaside township of Puri, which is one of the sacred Chardhams of India. The other being Badrinath, Rameshwaram&Dwarka. It is appropriate to say that Jagannath is actually a religious cult which has influenced many other sects and movements like ISKCON and Chaitanya Mahaparbhu movement.


King Indrayumna was a great devotee of Vishnu and he dreamt of Nilamadhava and sent his emissaries across the country to trace the form of the lord. One of the messengerVidyapatiwho went to Savara region came across and stayed with King Vasu and eventually married his daughter. Thru them he could trace the lord Nilamadhava and informed his leader King Indrayumna accordingly who came rushing for the lords darshan. However, to everyone’s disbelief the lord assumed the form of DARU and advised thru akashvanito build a temple at Nialasaila where he can be worshipped by all. Hearing this, the king ordered the construction to begin and after completion, the king went to Brahmaloka to invite Brahma to consecrate the temple. However Brahma was in meditation and he had to wait for nine Yugas.

The temple thus got buried in sand in his absence. Almost after nine yugas the temple was detected by Galamadhava the king of Utkal when he tripped off by the temple pinacle. He ordered to unearth the temple only to find that the idols were missing. He was then countered by King Indrayumna who insisted on taking the responsibility of installing the idols but had no clue how to go about it. Later in the night he saw a dream where the Lord told him that he would be floating in the sea in the form of a log of wood. When a big tree, radiant with light was seen floating in the sea, sage Narada told the king to make three idols out of it and place<


Lord Jagannath is an avtar of Lord Krishna and always is accompanied by his elder brother Lord Balaram and his younger sister Lord Subadhra. This trio form a uniqueness which is hard to find anywhere else. Every year during AshadhMasa on the 2nd day of Shukla Pakhya one can witness the grand spectacle of the RATH YATRA or the CHARRIOT FESTIVAL where Lord Jagannaths wishes to visit his aunt at Gundicha temple along with his siblings for 9 days. Lakhs of devotees arrive at Puri to witness the grand spectacle where three charriots are drawn in a symphony complimented with cacophony of the counch shells, drums and festivities. Before the Yatra, the three idols are bathed with 109 buckets of water which makes sick and hence are kept in an isolation for nearly a month to recover. After the recovery, they are redecorated and placed in the respective charriots - Nandighosha, Taladhvaja and Devadalana only after the King of Gajapati sweeps and cleans the charriots with his golden broom.

This ceremony is known as ChheraPahara and is widely popular with the locals. Through this ritual, it is proposed that everyone is equal in the eyes of Lord Jagannath and interestingly the temple is accessibley by Hindus alone but on the day of RathYatra, people of all faiths can pay their obeisance to the Lord. After 9 days of stay the three dieties return to the temple which is called BahudaYatra. On reaching the Ja


  •  The flag of the temple always flows in the opposite direction of the wind.
  •  The temple never casts any shadow within its complex.
  •  Sudarshana Chakra atop the temple looks the same from all directions.
  •  You will never see any bird hovering atop the main temple leave apartaeorplanes and helicopters.
  •  The temple houses one of the largest kitchens in the world.
  •  Seven earthern pots are monted upon each other and are cooked using firewood at the bottom. Interesting the top pot cooks first in the reverse following order.


Puri is an epicenter of cultural, religious and historical significance. Few of the attractionsin proximity to Puri are Konark Sun temple - also known as the black pagoda, the artisan village of Pipli&Raghurajpur, worlds second largest brackish water lake where one can find dolphins -Chilika lake, various temples including SakhiGopala, Gundicha temple, Lokanath temple etc. Also close is Bhubaneswar which is famous for Lingaraj temple, Mukteshwar temple, Udaygiri and Khandagiri caves amongst others.


Puri is well connected by rail and road from most parts of the country. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is 60 kms away and it takes about 1 hour travel time.

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