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Jai Jagannath !Jagannath literally means "The Lord of the People" and rightly so because of the immense love and affection he draws from millions of Hindu devotees all across the globe. The grand Jagannath temple is a classic example of the Orissanarchitecture and is located in the seaside township of Puri, which is one of the sacred Chardhams of India. The other being Badrinath, Rameshwaram&Dwarka. It is appropriate to say that Jagannath is actually a religious cult which has influenced many other sects and movements like ISKCON and Chaitanya Mahaparbhu movement.
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KAILASH MANASAROVAR - the name itself spurs up an infinite amount of energy within oneself. Hence no wonder, Mount Kailash & Lake Mansarovar together are looked up as the most revered pilgrim destination for any Hindu and are popularly referred as KAILASH MANSAROVAR YATRA. Incidentally Mount Kailash is equally important to Buddhists, Jains and Bonpa Tibetans as well and it is believed that that the very sight of Mount Kailash absolves one of all the sins and protects him / her of negativity of all sorts. Hovering at a height of 22,028 ft, Mt Kailash holds a very special significance in the Hindu mythology. This perpetually snow covered pyramid shaped mountain with four faces is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is the very place where both of them indulged in “Ananda Tandav” which resulted in the creation of the first Spanda or the first throb of cosmic energy which was instrumental in creation of this universe. Also the primordial sound of OM originated from here and more so from the anklet of goddess Parvati, whose resonation gave the universe the variegated form that it is today. Also this is the very place where Lord Shiva captured the mighty River Ganga in his matted locks before releasing it to the earth in form of small life-giving streams that nourished the entire Indo Gangetic plains in the northern India.

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Is there a right age to practice yoga ?

Yoga nurtures and strengthens body, mind and soul collectively thru a regime of structured Asanas, Spiritual practices and leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Yoga, infact is an activity which is lot different from other forms of exercises as this is the only format that attributes both mental and physical aspects. Generally speaking, an ideal age to adopt Yoga is around 12 – 13 years when the body is most suited to take the up the rigorous yoga stress. However, in actual, there are no age restrictions as long as he / she has an intent backed by a strong will power to continue practicing it regularly. As a matter of fact, most of the modern hospitals in India advocate yoga as a therapy in dealing with ailments, trauma and to strengthen stamina by improving blood flow which is so vital in healing with practically zero side effects. Statistics show that almost 60% of the patients are in the 35 years plus bracket and those who have adopted Yoga as a therapy have shown remarkable improvement, hence proving the fact that age is just a number. With the advent of time, Yoga has evolved and now we have specialized yoga therapies for pregnant ladies, weight loss, corporate yoga, yoga on the move, yoga for the special children etc and hence reiterating the fact that yoga is meant for everyone and for every age. However, it is always advised to practice yoga under supervision and more so if one takes up yoga practice at a late age. Generally it is recommended to start with easy and doable asanas and progressively graduate to more complex asanas. 
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Holy AmarnathYatra

As per Hinduism, the processes of God are three fold – Creation, Preservation and Destruction. The first two are attributed by Brahma and Vishnu and the the last one is attributed by Lord Shiva – the destroyer whose primary role was to purge all the obstacles and unwanted from the world cycle.  The Transcendent God called Shiva is the timeless God of the universe and he alone exists as an existence itself, even before the creation of our world and can be understood as the ultimate transcendence and the supreme being.  Amarnath Caves are located in Pahalgam in Jammu & Kashmir at a height of 3888 mts and considered as the most revered pilgrim destinations of the Hindus. Despite not being a Jyotirling, lakhs of Hindu pilgrim brave the unfriendly mountain terrain, harsh climate and not to mention personal safety & security to have a glimpse of the icy Shiv Ling which is open to the public for a short duration from June end till August end every year. The Shivling is Swayambhu (self created) by when the water drips from the cave’s roof and starts to freeze as it touches the ground and consecutive accumulation results in formation of the Shiv Ling. One can also find two other such formations which are designated as Maa Parvati and Lord Ganesh.

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