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Ashram Stay - Phool Chatti Ashram, Rishiikesh

Rishikesh is considered to be the Yoga and Spiritual capital of the world which attracts thousands of salvation seekers of different kinds. With its surreal location alongside Himalayan foothills and the holy Ganges, Rishikesh indeed emancipates everyone. By virtue, one can find many Ashrams in Rishikesh and each is distinctive in its own way. Broadly speaking, Ashram is a spiritual retreat meant for the forsaken seekers to consciously uplift their spirituality by means of yoga, meditation, kirtans, satsang etc. Generally Ashrams have a open door policy for all as long as they are open to spiritual enlightenment and are willing to desist from all the worldly pleasures and privileges. Hence most of the Ashrams are basic in nature but high on spiritual quotient. 

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Wellness Tourism indicates the intent to travel to new places offering relaxation, meditation, holistic centers, spas, wellness retreats, spiritual pilgrimages and other form of healthy therapies like Yoga retreats. Further, wellness tourism is a conscious effort to keep oneself healthy & improve quality of life and not necessary always limited to availing corrective and remedial health therapies. India has always been a center for wellness since ages due to several congenial factors like proven wellness domains like Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy etc along with locales, expertise, culture etc. However, what sets us apart from the rest of the world is the spirituality. All these vectors accumulated resulting in some serious wellness business in India and attracted global tourist traffic exponentially. At the same time, too much proliferation resulted in mushrooming of large unorganized wellness and health centers across the country that prompted the Ministry of Tourism to regulate and set guidelines for wellness tourism to set a benchmark in areas like quality, publicity material, training and capacity building for the service providers, participation in international & domestic Wellness related events, etc. Now its mandatory for one to have an accreditation of NABH & AYUSH along with patronage with center and state governments agencies to run a commercial center According to the study, the global wellness tourism industry is estimated at $439 billion, or nearly 14% of total tourism expenditure, which caters to over 12 million jobs, and has an overall economic impact of close to $1.3 trillion.

19 JUL

Ayurveda Remedies for Monsoon Woes

India being primarily an agronomical country, MONSOON is always a time to rejoice and more so because it brings the much required relief from the scorching summer heat and associated adverse conditions. Interestingly, all the major festivals and fairs in India start with the advent of monsoon. On the flip side, monsoon is also the time when one is prone to several ailments mainly because of feeble immunity & digestive attributes. Fortunately, the solution lies with Ayurveda which offers natural remedies and methodologies to corrects the Vata & Pita imbalances which are the route-cause of one’s discombobulating health. 

21 JUL

Top 5 Ashrams in Rishikesh

Experiential Travel is the new buzz in the current times and when it comes to the self-discovery avenues - ASHRAM VACATION definitely leads the charts.  By definition, Ashram is a spiritual retreat meant for monks and saints who have renounced the worldly pleasures to devote their life towards attaining the spiritual goals and objectives.  Hence generally speaking, most of the Ashrams are very basic in nature but high on spiritual quotient. This very attribute attracts hoards of distressed people who take refuge in such retreats with minimum distractions and in search of solace & inner peace.  Ashrams have been in existence in India since thousands of years but it was the likes of Beatles, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and surely the book / movie “Eat, Pray & Love” which have glorified the concept globally.  Ashram living requires certain etiquettes. Generally speaking, one needs to strictly adhere to ashram time table, simple living, vegetarian diet, active participation in the Karma Yoga along with spiritual activities like kirtans, satsang, yoga & meditation and most importantly keeping away from the materialistic pleasures. Smoking & consumption of alcohol is strictly banned and many of the ashrams have strict no sexual activities policy.   India is a haven for Ashrams and more so at Rishikesh which offers a perfect setup of nature, spirituality and required solace. It was the advent of Beatles in late 1960s who visiting Rishikesh on a spiritual tour of Rishikesh and introduced the concept Ashram Vacation to the west. Since then, Rishikesh is considered to the Ashram Capital of the world and hence attracts a global audience.

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