24 JUL


“Surya Namaskar” which literally means “Sun Salutation” and is an ancient form of Yoga comprising of a sequence of 12 yoga poses with an objective of paying gratitude to the Sun – which is the source of the energy of our universe.   Surya Namaskar is best done early morning on an empty stomach. Each round of Sun Salutation consists of two sets, and each set is composed of 12 yoga poses. You might find several versions on how to practice Sun Salutation. However, it is advisable to stick to one particular version and practice it regularly for best results.   Besides good health, Surya Namaskar also provides an opportunity to express gratitude to the sun for sustaining life on this planet. So, for the next 10 days, start your day with a feeling of grace and gratitude towards the sun. Do 12 rounds of Sun Salutation, followed by other yoga poses, and then relax with a round of Yoga Nidra. You will be amazed to find that this simple mantra will help you stay fit, happy, and peaceful throughout the day.

30 JUL

A Travel Guide to Amarnath Yatra

Amaranth Yatra is considered as one of the most enduring pilgrim because of various challenges like climate, terrain, altitude associated with low oxygen and endangerment to the threats of the extremists. Despite all odd, thousands of aspirant pilgrims embark on to this spiritual journey during mid June to mid August, braving every possible adversity for just one glimpse of the icy shiv ling of Lord Shiva to attain the moksha or the salvation.   The Amarnath caves are located in J&K and the best way to reach is either from Sonmarg or Pahalgram. Traditionally, one needs to do the entire 21 kms stretch on foot, covering all the important pilgrim destinations enroute. However, now one can fly uptil Panjtarni by helicopters which have revolutionized the yatra and making it convenient for everyone irrespective of the age or physical attributes. The last bit of 5 kms from Panjtarini to Caves still needs to be done on foot.

31 JUL


Bhakti is a Sanskrit word which literally means unconditional devotion towards the supreme almighty. Bhakti is also considered as the purest form of spiritual practice associated with selfless attributes and absolute divine submission. Yoga has six major branches and Bhakti yoga is one of domain that advocates the path of self-transcending love or complete devotion to God or the divine. Bhakti yoga is based on the doctrine of “Love is God and God is Love”. As compared to Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga, Bhakti yoga is relatively open and informal to practice but at the same time it largely complements all the other forms of yoga which makes it unique in many ways

02 AUG


Corporate Yoga is a new generation methodology of yoga that focuses on managing stress at work, correcting the ill effects on body due to long sitting hours along with boosting the overall productivity of the employees.Corporate yoga may be the best initiative for a business house towards ensuring a win-win perspective for both the employers and the employees. Yoga is a proven science that deals in enriching one’s mental and physical aspects. It also helps in enhancing the power to cope with various forms of stress, including work related. Hence, more and more corporates are making it an HR practice to include Yoga in the daily work regime. Given below are few benefits of Corporate yoga from all perspectives :  Benefits of Corporate Yoga for the Employees ·     1.Yogic practices including the meditation and breathing largely help in curtailment of work related stress and also to handle a given situation more diligently.    2.Yoga augments the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body and hence helps in energizing one’s mind and body.  3.Regular practice of yoga helps one to thwart common ailments and eventually one becomes strong and fit.    4.Improve focus, concentration, decision making skills, multi-tasking ability.    5.Improves the posture especially the neck and spine along with controlling high blood pressure etc.     Benefits of Corporate Yoga for the Employers    1.Yoga definitely energizes the employees resulting in better outputs and productivity.   2. A healthy and fit staff means minimized health care costs.   3. A lively atmosphere at work also reduces the overall staff turnover.    4.Lower employee absenteeism, especially the sick leaves.  Fun at work and bonhomie amongst peers which ensures a great place to work.

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