welcome to Karmic Routes

“Karma” literally means our present actions which influences our future. In other words, a good karma will lead to future happiness and likewise a bad karma will lead to future sufferings. Karma is not religion biased and is more of spiritual essence which can be practiced by any person. It operates on the principle of independent of any deity or any process of divine judgment. In a more modern relevance, Karma emphasizes on practicing good habits to ensure a safe and healthy life ahead.

We at KARMIC ROUTES help you to elevate your present consciousness by facilitating you a medium and means to achieve your objectives towards alternate Nirvana

By virtue, we all are very engrossed in our routine life and seldom do we take out time to find some solace or bliss in life. We at KARMIC ROUTES address this very particular concern and help you overcome the current challenges and to rejuvenate your inner self towards a happy, healthy and prosperous tomorrow. To make it simple we help you earn Karmic Green points for each of your definable positive karma in our Karmic Routes. We have also given you a self assessment tool to enable you assess objectively your positive and negative karmas and take the actions that you deem are positive for you, your family and society at large.

We are closely associated with numerous Ashrams, Institutions, Thought Leaders such as Spiritual Gurus, Scholars, Meditation & Yoga centers, Wellness centers and Organizations that show easily demonstrable good to society, mankind, planet and much more across Indian subcontinent for you to pick and choose your desired avenue to take a break from your regular distractions.

Through Karmic Routes, we also help the Ashrams, institutions, spiritual thought leaders to showcase their initiatives, good work and their message to help them to connect with the real world to spread their good work exponentially. Our endeavor is to facilitate all human beings in the world to utilize this opportunity by connecting with these spiritual institutions to open the spiritual eye of every person using latest tools and technology.


Living in an Ashram is like exploring the inner journey again, to discover the inner being, the meditative quality within and to come in intimate contact with the boundless ocean of consciousness. Its just like a drop of water surrendering to ocean. At source both the drop of water and the ocean are ONE.