Kumbakonam - Srirangam


Navagrah tour with Swamimalai and Srirangam


  • Accommodation in AC room as per itinerary

  • To and From Transport in Kumbakonam ( itinerary).

  • Daily Breakfast at Hotel.

  • Guide/ Pandit for the visit.



Kumbakonam the temple disrict in Tamilnadu supposed to have more than 2000+ temple each of them has its mythological significance and architectural briliance scripted in Stone.We should start early to finish all temples on time, We start with Visit to Mars temple Vaithiswaran Koil, The Shiva is prayed as doctor and the pond has medicinal values, Pilgrim prey here to to get rid of ailments. Then to Mercury followed by ketu ( Pilgrim try to be at Rahu ketu temple by Rahu kalam or yam kamlam to attend special Prayer, After Ketu drive to Karaikal ( Pondichery ) for Saturn temple, Nomally all temples are closed from 12 AM to 3.30 PM so we use this time to have lunch and Cover 45 km Distance to karaikal after having darshan, pilgrim retire back to Hotel. ;

We start the day with vist to most popular are Swamimalai the Murugan temple where explained Meaning of OM to His father and world. The Navgrah SUN, MOON, MARS, MERCURY, JUPITOR, VENUS, SATURN, RAHU & KETU temple are visited by people to get relief from life issues by propitiating the God according to astrological Dasha and Bhukti. Total of 398 Km is to be covered to complete the Navgrah. Day 1 We start the day with SUN, VENUS, RAHU, MOON & JUPITOR. Sun puja is best at Sunrise, Rahu at Rahu kalam Special Archana are available throughout the day. ;

We start mornig with visit to Brihdeshwar Temple, and Proceed to Trichy, Visit Water tatva Shivlinga followed by Rock port Vinayak temple, Eveing visit to Sri Ranganath Swami Temple and proceed to your destination.;

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