welcome to Karmic Routes


It is believed that our future course of life is much determined by our own “Karma” which can largely be influenced by leading a righteous life vide spirituality and adopting self-development tools.

KARMIC ROUTES has been specially curated to help one to elevate his or her present consciousness so as to rediscover within oneself through our customized programs embracing Yoga, Spiritual Experiences, Pilgrimage tours, Ashram Stays, Meditation workshops and more.

KARMIC ROUTES is closely associated with acclaimed Yoga Schools, Ashrams, Spiritual Gurus, Scholars and Wellness Centers across the Indian sub-continent for one to pick and choose the desired avenue towards taking a break from the regular distractions. Further, our exclusive experiential programs are hand crafted by experts and include thought provoking satsangs, specialized yoga and meditation workshops, custom designed yoga and wellness retreats meant for individuals, corporates & business houses etc.

We are the ONE STOP SOLUTION for all the spiritual & wellness experiences augmented with convenient, affordable and reliable logistical support.


Living in an Ashram is like exploring the inner journey again, to discover the inner being, the meditative quality within and to come in intimate contact with the boundless ocean of consciousness. Its just like a drop of water surrendering to ocean. At source both the drop of water and the ocean are ONE.

Our vision

Karmic Routes is part of the conglomeration set up by professionals and entrepreneurs with four decades of experience in consumer retail business which includes travel, gaming, payments and technology industry. The vision for Karmic Route is to be the “Global Leader in the Spiritual & Wellness Vacations” and play at least a small role in helping billions of people rediscover the very purpose of life.